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Bluetooth Sunglasses a must for outdoor sports.
These glasses are fantastic for Cycling, Running, Skiing, Climbing,
Golf, Fishing and all sports, with Anti UV lenses they will
protect your eyes offering you protection with a 2mm+ toughened
glass lens that is the same materials used for bullet proof glass
to ensure safe use.

Package includes:

3 Pairs of changeable lenses which are:

TAC (Polorised lens) for Anti-UV functionality and to effectively filter bright light and protect your eyes from Sunlight harm.

Yellow Night vision lens: to reduce thee reflection of lenses, brighten your vision and can be used at night or dark surroundings

1 Pair of coloured lenses to increase fashion and fun during cycling

1 Sling

1 Glasses Bag

1 Micro USB Cable

1 Hard Nylon stylish glasses box

1 Instruction manual


Touch control technology, slide to answer/end calls, switch between calls
Adjustable ear hooks
High quality stereo headset
3 colours , red, black or white
Rechargeable lithium battery by usb
Changeable lens

RED bluetooth glasses

£50. 00



BLACK bluetooth glasses

£50. 00



WHITE bluetooth glasses

£50. 00