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These helmets are built to comply with the European Directive EN966. The outer shell is impact resistant fibreglass with an EPS inner shell and velvet liner. Helmets are also fitted with an antiglare visor. Available in 2 different styles, 4 sizes and 4 colours.

*ABS Plastic Earshells are Noise Cancelling.

*300 degree adjustable flexible boom mic

*soft touch 1.000.000 cycle sealed PTT button on ear cup with waterproof PTT cover

*Powerful Neodymiun Speaker.

*Universal 5-Pin Radio Port.

*Quick Release Cable Connector Port for easily attaching cable to interface  with any 2-Way Radio.

*Coiled cable contain high intensity Kevlar is very firm and endurable

*Spiral Shieldling reduces RF interference.

*Scanner/iPod/Music Port.

*foam mic cover protects from moisture and debris.


Volume control attenuation 15 dB

Frequency range 200 Hz - 6000 Hz

Sensitivity 101dB/1mW Input


 Frequency response 300 Hz - 8000 Hz

Source resistance 220 ohm - 2200 ohm

Dynamic noise cancelling microphone

or electret noise cancelling microphone

Only £200

As the helmets have 2 different styles, 4 sizes, 4 colours, 5 cable and a choice of microphone please call to place your order.



Cables available for

MOTOROLA(M1), KENWOOD(K1), ICOM (S1), ICOM(S2),VERTEX (Y4) and now GA standard plugs